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1200BPH 5Gallon mineral water filling production line

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for filling 5gallon bottle 1200bph Rotary type filling

  • QGF-1200R
  • GM
  • 8422301090

 1200bph 5gallon drinking water bottling line
Equipment list

1 Automatic de-capping machine BG-2
2Automatic outside brushing machine(linear type)ST-1200
3Automatic washing machineQS-1200
4Automatic rotary filling capping 2-in-1 machineGF-1200
5Automatic cap loading machine with washing tunnel XG-1200
6Automatic 5gallon neck label sleeve  machineSL-5G
7Automatic bagging machineBM-150
8Automatic 5gallon whole body shrinking machine SK-5GL
9Automatic palletizer MDJ-1200
10Empty bottle conveyor ss chain (will according to the layout )CSS-15
11Filled bottle conveyor ss chain (will according to the layout )CSS-15
12LED Light inspection DJ-100

The QGF-1200R barreled production line is a series of equipment designed for the production of 5 gallon barreled drinking water.
 The production line can automatically complete online cleaning, barrel loading, disinfection, filling, capping, heat shrinking, bagging and conveying out of the barrel. It has the features of complete functions, compact structure, simple operation, etc. It is a combination of machine, electricity and gas. Represents a new level of domestic drinking water barreled equipment.
The body of this machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, and other parts are also made of non-toxic and durable series materials. The electrical and pneumatic systems use brand components, such as: Mitsubishi PLC, inverter, human-machine interface, and Autonics proximity switch. Photoelectric switch, Siemens/or Schneider AC contactor, thermal relay, etc. Therefore, the equipment has a low failure rate, high reliability and good durability. 



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