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3000bph 500ml plastic bottle oil piston filling machine

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rotary oil piston filling machine

  • ZS-12
  • GM
  • 8422301090

ZS-12 filling machine


Structural steel body, the appearance of 304 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel frame, stainless steel adjustable feet.

conveying system

The bottle intake system adopts the most advanced clean air delivery device at present, the bottle height of the bottleneck device is used throughout the machine, and the delivery height of the bottle is adjustable with a flat top chain, so as to adapt to bottle types with different heights.

plunger filling part

 The number of filling valves is 12 sets, suitable for filling all kinds of sauces (such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, rice wine with rice, orange, various fruit jam, fruit puree, salad oil, etc.), viscous materials, and high Concentration and quantitative filling of fruit or granular drinks, even pure liquids. Smooth operation, accurate filling, suitable for cold and hot filling. Pistons and piston barrels are specially processed by cutting-edge technology, with precision and durability. Equipped with material mixing system, three-point liquid level control, frequency control, access to the protection of the bottle, automatic adjustment of high and low speed, a bottle filling and many other automatic control design. Made of high-quality stainless steel N304, it meets food hygiene requirements and has a beautiful appearance. The filling valve vacuum mode is used to ensure no leakage.

Power system

The components of the sports machine are all gear-driven and run smoothly. Each bottle-transferring star is an engineering plastic component.

Control System and Operation Panel

Sealed electric control box, 304 stainless steel, imported PLC, relay, photoelectric switch, inductive switch relay components, touch screen operation panel, imported pneumatic components.

Main parameters

Capacity (theory)



PET Round <=110mm Diameter

Square bottle <=108*88mm H200-320mm

Filling size




Filling temperature

Normal speed



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