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3000bph hot juice bottle filling machine

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this 3-in-1 hot filling system is sued for filling tea ,juice and functional drinks

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This machine is in the introduction of Italian hot filling technology based on the development of new products. The machine set rinse, filling, capping as a whole, the design of scientific and rational, handsome in appearance, easy operation and maintenance, high degree of automation. Mainly applicable to fruit juice, tea drinks and dairy drinks hot filling. Just replace a small number of parts, you can apply a variety of bottle type.

Structural features


Structural steel body, the appearance of 304 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel frame, stainless steel adjustable feet

delivery system

The bottle system uses the entire process of the card bottleneck operation, thus ensuring the reliability of the operation of the bottle, for different diameter bottles, only need to replace the nylon positioning wheel on the tile, for different height of the bottle, only need to adjust the conveyor chain Of the height can be, so that the replacement bottle shape is more convenient.

Rotary bottle parts

The number of bottles is 14, the use of snap-in stainless steel bottle clip, clamp does not touch the bottle thread part, the bottle is a plum-like structure, can be washed to the bottom of the bottle and the bottom of the corner, so that more clean rinse. Spray bottle time 3 seconds, drain time 3 seconds, after the bottle after the bottle of water residue 3 to 5 drops.

Rotary filling part

The number of filling valves is 12 sets, 304 stainless steel small cylinder and the middle recovery tank, the inner surface are mirror polished.

Filling system using gravity micro-negative pressure filling principle, the use of materials can be recycled filling valve, bottle lift and other structural forms. Thus satisfying the beverage full level filling and other process requirements. And the bottle material from the top of the bottle from the distance control in the 5-10mm or less, and in the seal before the provision of a perfect flushing bottle device to ensure that the mouth no moldy point.

Small tank automatic control of the liquid level, the pipe on the pipeline to install the pipeline lens, the operator will observe the feed situation.

Material pipe, pipe lens, filling small cylinder and its dynamic and static seal, filling the head and cleaning fake cup, the return system can withstand more than 1.5atm vapor pressure and 131 temperature, then for effective CIP cleaning.

Filling machine in the small cylinder and return pipe at the same time with temperature detection, if a low temperature, the filling machine to stop filling, into the return state.

Material reflow tank volume of about 100L, return tank with high and low level switch, you can control the start and return of the pump, in the material back to the tank in front of the vertical pipeline to install the pipe mirror to observe the return flow.

Rotary cover part

The number of capping head for the 5 sets, screw cap machine using the French ALCOA company technology, screw cap for the magnetic screw cap, with overload protection, and screw cap torque stable and reliable. Cover no bite cover, high cover, crooked cover, curling phenomenon.

cover part

Horizontal screw cap type cover, with no damage to the cap surface, hopper within the cover to automatically send the signal to fill the function. 304 stainless steel cover, 304 stainless steel under the slot. According to user requirements, the machine can be installed in the warehouse photoelectric switch, coupled with the cover machine, in order to achieve the cover within the cover automatically cover function.

Power system

Domestic joint venture main motor and gear box, with electromagnetic speed, the various movement parts are gear drive, smooth operation, the various bottles for the engineering plastic parts.

control system and operation panel

Sealed electric control box, 304 stainless steel, imported PLC, relay, photoelectric switch, sensor switch relay components, touch screen operation panel, imported pneumatic components.

Main technical



Washing heads


Filling heads


Capping heads


Filling temperature


Filling way

Weight filling with mic negative

Suitable bottle size


Air consumption


Total Power


Washing water consumption







Main motor








Touch screen







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