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5L-20L Plastic bottle extrusion blowing molding machine

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Extrusion blowing machine mainly for making the bottles for PE material ,such as shampoo bottle , car oil bottle ,etc

  • ZCS-Series
  • GM

Suitable for PE, PP, PVC, PETG, PS, EVA, ABS, TPU, etc all kinds of plastic hollow level;Can produce 5 ml to 5000 l plastic buckets, bottle, pot of hollow plastic containers and tools such as bags, counterweight plate, traffic facilities, medical apparatus and instruments, automobile tail, duct, desktop, plastic tray, airline seats and other kinds of hollow plastic products
Main parameters

Specification                                             Unit     
Raw material   PE.PP.ABS......
Max size L20
Dimension  M4.3×2.4×2.9
Weight ton8.2
Clamping unit  
Clamping force KN150
Template spacing mm410-820
Template sizemm550×600
Max molds size(W*H)mm550×580
Thickness of molds mm560
screw fan power KW0.18×3
air pressure Mpa0.8
Air consumption m³/min0.8
Cooling water pressure Mpa0.3
Avg consumption powerKW35
oil pump power KW15
Extrusion system   
Screw diameter mm75
screw rate of L/DL/D25
Plastic capacity Kg/hr90
screw heating zonezone4
screw heating power KW14.5
extrusion motor power KW30
Die head   
die head heating zone Zone4
die head heating power KW9.5
max extrusion mouth diameter mm215


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