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900BPH automatic 5 gallon drinking water filling plant

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900BPH automatic 5 gallon drinking water filling plant

  • GM-900
  • GM
  • 8422301090

900BPH automatic rotate 5 gallon mineral water filling production line 

part A:water treatment system .

as the drinking water  water ,we suggest using the ro water treatment system

water treatment

part B: 5gallon barrel automatic capper and outside brusher system 


part C:washing filling capping system 


Functions :
QGF-900  5 gallon water filling line is used for 5gallon bottle water
production , such as mineral water ,pure water , drinking water ,cleaned natural water for
drinking and so on , this water production line high automatically and very popular in the water plant from all over the world .
Main equipment items of the barrel production line :
The whole line is composed by the following
Automatic two heads de-capping machine
Automatic rotate barrel outside brushing machine
Automatic barrel loading system
Automatic barrel washing filling capping machine
 Automatic cap washing and loading system
Sleeve label machine with shrinking tunnel
Automatic barrel palletizer machine
Conveyor system
Take note:the detail machines according to the user’s requirements .
Filling technical description:
filling  technical and structure is designed and innovated by ourselves. It adopts
large fluent filling and fix quantify filling . filling valve is SUS fine casting process,
it has air-proof ring to avoid attrition of the metal .it is control by cylinder , and it is
stabilization . in the filling process, barrel after washing transport  to covey barrel screw.
The covey barrel screw apart the barrel equality to star-wheel. The star-wheel lead the
barrel to filling system.  When the filling cylinder meet journey switch,  cylinder moves
down to open filling valve.  Filling valve start to fill. After filling , cylinder meet with journey
switch again and move up. Filling valve close. The barrel after filling export by star-wheel.
And transport to capping machine by chains. Filling parts has 8 filling valves to satisfy the speed of the machine . at the same time , liquid position  is nicety because of controlling by journey switch.
Main configuration for the whole water  production line :
The whole line is controlled by SS electrical box  with touch screen ,PLC and transducer
brand is Japan Mitsubishi .water pump adopts the most famous brand in China named
NANFANG ,Motor reducer adopts the joint venture brand .pneumatic system adopts AIRTAC.
Take note :the line configuration can be designed by the customer’s requirements .
Main parameters of the whole 5 gallon line :

Model GM-900
Rated output 900bph
Bottle size 18.9L,5Gallon
Filling heads number 8
Main machine power 30kw
Air consumption 0.8m³/min ,6-8bar

 labeling system


bagging and stacker system




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