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Automatic carton packing system

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carton opening ,packing and sealing machine for carton packing system automatically

  • XB-10
  • GM
  • 8422

Description of the machine
Basic performance of case packer
Using painted steel and lexan ® plastic safety shield
Mechanical parts chrome steel, stainless steel, aluminum and corrosion.
Main drive adopts adjustable speed reducer, variable speed, auto-correct feature.
Bottle feeding conveyor chain plate made of a polymer material consisting of a low coefficient of friction, continuous feed bottles, lane guide
For Product location for automatic speed adjustment and all the bottle detection.
The detection of inverted bottle and lack of bottle in the enter bottle place ,alarm for shortage of box .
main electric cabinet on the machine.
Schneider low voltage control system
AIRTAC pneumatic components
Autonics photoelectric control system
Siemens PLC process controller with the console, and a color LCD touch screen ,directly modify the machine parameters
Case opener parameters:

case size L200-400  W150-350  H100-350mm
Power supplier 220V/380V-50Hz
Total power 1.5KW
Air consumption 0.3M/MIN
Table-hieght 800mm
Speed 600CASE/H


case packing machine

Voltage  AC 220/380V50Hz
power           3.5Kw/4.5Kw
air pressure  0.5-0.7Mpa
air consumption   0.15M3/MIN
machine size W1200×L2400×H2000
Speed: 10case/min

装箱 (2)_副本_副本.jpg

case sealing machine


Case size L200-500,(W150-400,(H120-400mm
table-board height min.400,(max.600mm
Sealing speed 23.5m/min
Machine size L2440,(W630,(H1280mm
Power 110/220V 50/60Hz
Tape size 48mm60mm72mm
Air consumption 5Kg/cm2
Machine size 250kg



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