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Automatic outside inside 2-in-1 Brushing Machine for 5gallon Bottles

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the machine use for cleaning the 5gallon bottle inside and outside

  • SIO-4
  • GM
  • 84223010

Automatic inside-outside brushing machine for 5gallon bottle 
SIO-4 full automatic in-outside brushing machine is affiliated production facility for 
5gallon barrel packing production line , for 5 gallon barrel . Both barrel top and bottom of 
the body can be brushed ,it is especially suitable for producing mineral water ,  it can 
greatly reduce second pollution caused by ,manual brushing and can reduce work 
labors.the machine is made of excellent quality of SS ,
 Main parameters 

Model SIO-4
Capacity 400-500BPH
Air consumption 0.7Mpa-0.8Mpa
Power  2.5kw
Size 2630*1600*2500
Weight  About 800kgs.
Main material  SS 304 ,high strength elastic nylon 

brushing machine



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