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Label Separator for Plastic Recycling Line

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The part contacting material is made of stainless steel, never rust, and pollutes other material.

  • LFL-Series
  • GM

Description:plastic recycled line 
The part contacting material is made of stainless steel, never rust, and pollutes other material.
Principle: adopt proportion to separate bottle and label. In a sealed box, bottle flakes and label fall at same tome, and meanwhile, sucking fan will suck at the side and form pressure, so then can suck the label of small proportion by the pressure, bottle flakes of big proportion fall down, so then realize the aim to separate label from bottle flakes.
The label separator, sometimes referred to as the "air classifer" uses air pressure to separate heavier materials from lighter ones. As PET bottles are shredded whole, the material stream from the granulator will include a portion of PP / PE films from on the bottle labels. The label separator does an excellent job of this separating PET flakes from plastic film labels.
The mixture of PET flakes and PP/PE labels enter a sorting chamber containing a column of raising air. As the material mixes and is blown upwards, the PP / PE films (the lighter material) are blown upwards and are stored in a collection tank while the PET flakes (the heavier material) drop through the bottom and continue onto the next piece of machinery.
BQFL series label separator is used in PET bottle recycling line, and separate label from bottle.

Model LFL500 LFL1000 LFL2000
Power(mm) 2.2 3 7.5
Width(mm) 750 900 1100
Length(mm) 1200 1400 1500
Height(mm) 4500 4500 4500



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