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automatic fruit juice press machine

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fruite juice press machine



1) Equipment is in high efficiency: This model of belt press juicer is very advantaged compare to the common belt press juicer in the machine. It do improvement both in the structure and the pressing way. The juice yield of traditional belt press juicer is generally 35% -50%, but the juice yield of this model can reach to 70% -80%, greatly improve, can give manufacturers a huge economy interest.

2) The cleaning of the equipment is very easy: the machine adopts the four-bar mechanism and the high pressure spray nozzle to do continuous cleaning on the filter- bag. First connect the high pressure cleaning water, and spray to the filter-bag evenly through the high pressure spray nozzle, then the motor drive the four-bar mechanism to make the nozzle do the back and forth movement on the filter-bag, to achieve continuous and systematic cleaning of the filter bag without dead corner.  This ensures that the filter-bag without blind holes, thus ensuring the full work of the equipment, greatly improving its juice yield and production efficiency

3) Continuous setting of press force: the basic working principle of the device is through the high pressure air on the airbag tightening to achieve the desired pressure, high pressure air transmit to the airbag cylinder through the regulator, to achieve the tightening of the tightening wheel. Because the entered pressure of the gas source can be displayed on the pressure gauge, so we can  adjust the pressure regulator to achieve a different pressing effect according to the pressing food, to achieve its continuous setting of the press force

4) Automatic deviation adjustment device: the device through the air cylinder to adjust the roller with the deviation device to achieve automatic correction of deviation function. This function can automatically ensure that the press filter bag is always in the normal working condition, no need the  participation of manual force. This device plays a crucial role on the operation of the entire equipment.

4. Parameters BEP-300 :

1) Machine power0.93KW                 2) Main motor power0.75KW

3) Filter-bag cleaning motor power 0.18KW  4)Voltage:380V,50hz

5) Compressed air pressure :6.5KPa           6) Main material: SUS304

7) Part material : Teflon                     8) Feeding mouth sectional area :1155cm2

9) Press filter-bag width:480mm              10) Inter layer working pressure: 0.3MPa

11) Rotation rollers number: 11pcs            12) Bearing model: UCFC206

13) Bearing quantity : 20pcs                 14) Cylinder model: ACQ100*60B

15)Cylinder quantity1pc                  16) Air bag cylinder model: M31102

17) Air bag cylinder quantity :1pc            18) Capacity: 500L/H

19) Size: 1800*800*900mm   


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