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juice double filter for the beverage drink prepare

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for juice filter before filling

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Double filter for beverage drink process prepare

It is made of SUS304 high-quality stainless steel. It is composed of two cylinders and is polished inside and outside. It is suitable for the purification of solid impurities that are invisible to the naked eye in juice drinks, sugar liquids and other liquids. The two filters are used alternately, and the filter screen can be replaced without stopping the machine, which is suitable for continuous production. Filter specifications 100-300 mesh can be prepared according to user requirements.

Working principle: This equipment is all made of stainless steel. It is a cylindrical system single-layer stainless steel welded structure. The inner and outer surfaces are polished. The top is a round cover to facilitate the rapid introduction of liquid materials. The pipe joint adopts account connection. After the 0.3Mpa / cm2 water pressure test, the three-way external threaded plug valve is flexible in opening and closing. The equipment has compact structure, convenient operation and simple maintenance.

Basic product parameters




SUS304 stainless steel


φ450 × 750mm

Filter medium: 

stainless steel filter

 Filtration accuracy: 

100-300 mesh



double filter


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