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1-100T drinking water treatment system
1-100T drinking water treatment system
1-100T drinking water treatment system
1-100T drinking water treatment system
1-100T drinking water treatment system
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1-100T drinking water treatment system 1-100T drinking water treatment system

for drinking water treatment

  • Model: GMWT-Series
  • Brand: GM
  • Product Description

Drinking water treatment plant
Commonly used water treatment equipment includes: mechanical filter , active carbonfilter ,softer  ,pressure adding pump ,precise filter ,hollowed super fiber filter ,RO,sterilizer ,electrical controlling box ,these can be combined to order according tothe local water conditions .
Pure water Reverse osmosis equipment
Description of RO device :
Reverse osmosis use enough pressure to separate water trough film of reverse osmosisor (semi-permeable membrane ),so it is called to reverse osmosis , RO, as high efficienttechnology of desalting ,can remove impurity such as inorganic ion , bacteria ,virus , organic substance and colloid etc in original water so that obtain highquality pure water. RO method  that is bigger than pressure of penetration can beused to separate , extract, purify and concentrate according to different penetrationpressure of different material .it is mainly used in pure water production .
Mineral water hollow ultra-filtration device
Description :
Ultra-filtration film is a film filtering between micro-filtering and nanometer-filter, which isapplied to separation , concentration and purification of substance, its token is thatwithhold mount of molecule while it is used.  It is mainly used to separatemacromolecule, colloid and mote etc withhold on the film surface; then substancecycle to flow to form concentration liquid and reach the aim of separation ,concentration and purification of substance , it is mainly used in mineral waterproduction or food using water treatment .
Sterilizer equipment
Ozone sterilizing device
Product Description: 
● Ozone ,a kind of bactericide, who will release nascent oxygen while dissociating.
● With strong lethality to the inorganic and organic(Including microbe)because of theoxidizability. When ozone mixed with water, most kinds of bacteria will be killed.
● As we know that, titanium is corrosion resistant and one of the most expensive metal,easily heat elimination, good conductive. It is right material to make waterdistribution plate.
● All the generator allocated with nessary control and meters,so it is easy to contron flowand concetration of the ozone is the best sterilizer device for producing pure and mineral water.

Ultraviolet Radiation Sterilizer

Product Description: 
● Ultraviolet sterilization is a kind of “Physical Sterilization Technology”,whileirradiated,nucleic acid of the bacteria will absorb the spectral energy ofthe U.V,vitality changing,compound of the protein and enzyme which inside of the willbecome failure,then microbe will die because of the variation
● Advantage of the U.V:Short time contiguity,Strong bactericidal activity,simpledevice,easy operation,after treat,keep physical and chemical property of thewater,no secondary pollution
SS filters
Product Description:
● Band Clamp Lid Closure style and Flange style are available.
● Made of 304 SS or 316L SS.
● Surface polished, inside electrolytic polished.
● Pressure rating:0.6Mpa.
● Spring hold-down style to fix the filter elements.