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PET bottle preform injection molding machine
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PET bottle preform injection molding machine PET bottle preform injection molding machine

Perform injection molding machine

  • Model: GM-Series
  • Brand: GM
  • Product Description

Perform injection molding machine
Features of the PET perform injection moulding machine
Clamping unit
1.New type 5-point toggle device with the advantage of stable movement curve and gentle shock
2.High-quality mould platen with enough intensity to ensure no out of shape if high-pressure clamping
3.Hard chrome plated high tensile strength tie bars made of superior alloy with a good wear and corrosion resistance ability
4.Wear-resistant guide for moving platen
5.Transducer control clamping stroke
6.Many step control for speed and pressure of clamping and opening
7.Ejection device offer dwell, single, more, vibration function
8.Differential high speed clamping
9.Low pressure mould protection function
10.Hydraulic mould height adjustment drived by gear with rough and fine operation
11.Mechanical and electrical dual safety interlock
12.Automatic centralized lubrication system with far pressure detector
Hydraulic unit
1.proportional pressure and flow control with the advantage of fine adjustment and high precision
2.know-how manifold design, compact, reasonable and fast respond
3.imported world famous hydraulic valves
4.imported world famous hydraulic sealing rings
5.import technology hydraulic hose and fittings
6.low noise hydraulic system
7.oil tank with inner stainless steel container
8.precision oil filter
9.oil cooler

injection-zzControl unit
1.The computer is imported from Industry family. The LCD displaying screen with high clarity has Chinese and English language to display
2.World famous electrical components
3.Close-loop PID temperature control with the advantage of high precision.
4.Deviation preset between high and low temperature. And break control for temperature sensor.
5.Alarming system in case of cold start and no material in hopper
6.Transducer control the injection and opening stroke to accuracy of ±0.05mm
7.99 steps speed control for increasing and reducing to suit for different technology demands
8.Self-diagnostic and trouble alarm function
9.Parameters lock function to avoid being changed
10.100 sets of production parameters can be stored into the computer memorial software
11.Machine can record the quantity of products and automatically stop if up to the required quantity.
12.Emergency stop device
13.Alarm lamp
Spare parts:
1.Operation Manual
2.Normal hopper
3.Level pad
4.Heater band
5.Mould clip
Technical data for 2400A injection moulding machine

Screw diameter mm 60
Screw L/D -- 21
Shot weight gram 720
Injection capacity cm3 791
Injection pressure kg/cm2 1760
Screw stroke mm 280
Screw torque N.m 2000
Heating power kw 18.5
Clamping force ton 240
Opening stroke mm 530
Mould height mm 200~570
Max daylight mm 1100
Space between tie bars mm 555×555
Ejector force/stroke ton/mm 6.15/130
Oil pump motor kw 22
Machine size m 6.2×1.6×2.1
Machine weight ton 8

Configuration specification

Name Brand  Origin
hydraulic  proportional valve YUKEN JA PAN
Hydraulic Oil Pump HIGH-TECH TAI WAI
ReversalHydraulicValve YUKEN JA PAN
Hydraulic Motor ZY Italy-China
Hydraulic Hose Kim ber lery  
Sealing Rings VALQUA JA PAN
Linear Transducer MI RAN CHI NA
Limit Switch panasonic JA PAN
Proximity Switch FORTEK TAI WAN
Solid State Relay FORTEK TAI WAN
High-temperature Wire   CHINA
Air-break Switch LG/FUJI KOREA

The assistant machine specification 
Hopper Dryer

Model Capacity
Heating Power(KW Blower Power(W) External Dimensions
Seating Dimensions
Adaptable Machine Weight
SHD-600 600 24 960 1360*910*1860 280*280*135 6000-8000 250
SHD-75 75 5 180 900*550*1170 160*160*50 500-1000 85

Auto Loader

Model Motor
Material Hopper Weight
Controller Hopper
SAL-700G 1 400 5 6 Φ38 450*380*600 360*260*430 30 6


Model Powerof Compressor Cooling Capacity Refrigerant Voltage Current Power ofCooling pump Chilled Water Flow Chilled Water Pipe Power of Fans Machine Size Weight
  Kw HP Kcal/h Kw Freon
380V, 50HZ, A KW      T/Hr inch KW L W H Kg
STSF-12 11 12 31600 36     25 2.2 10 2 0.96 1800X1380X1500 600


Model Chamber
Crush Capacity
Rotating Blade
Fixed Blade
External Dimensions
SG-400F 235*400 200-250 3*3 2*1 7.5 980*840*1300 500


Model Motor Power
Power(V) Mixed Type External Dimensions
SST-100 3 100 AC3 50/60HZ Roll Type 1000*1000*1280 190