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Semi-automatic film shrinking wrapper machine
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Semi-automatic film shrinking wrapper machine Semi-automatic film shrinking wrapper machine

semi-automatic shrinking wrapping machine for the plastic ,glass bottle .

  • Model: GM-250A
  • Brand: GM
  • Product Description

Solution configuration
1The structure of the whole machine is according to the automatic arrange production line, and combine with our company mature technology of GM-250A semi-automatic sealing and cutting machine.
2 In order to assure it works stability, we adopt to import, joint venture named brand for the production line main components.
3Adopt flake PE film, the upper and down rollers are sealing and cutting automatically by the machine. And the package will be heated and shrinked to the packing efficiency
Technical data:
Facility type: GM-250A
External dimension of the facility: L5050×W900×H2100mm
Max. Dimension of wrappage: L600×W400×H350mm
Shrink film material: PEPVCPOF
Shrink film thickness: 0.03-0.15mm
Thermo-shrink tunnel max. temperature: 160-260°( can be adjusted freely)
Max. output per minute: 5-8pcs
Facility power: 18Kw
Actual power: 15Kw/h
Voltage: 380/220V
Facility weight: 1T
Fan: 1.1Kw 380V 2units, 6.5Kw 380V 4units
Technical condition and requirement:
     1 Packing method:
(1) 350/500/550/600ML: large package4×64×5 ; Small package: 3×43×5 four type of package method.
(2) 1L1.5L2L2.5L:  Large package3×33×4; small package: 2×22×3 four type of package.
2As to can package, we suggest adopt to package with tray , pack steadily.
3package speed5-8pcsmin
4package materialPE thermo shrinkage film width200600mm),thickness0.080.12mm
Product description:
Speed adjusted by frequency converter, two segment bottle convey device.
● Pushing the bottle, thermo sealing and cutting are adopt pneumatic system.
Proximity switch control the length of film.
Double-wind cycling fan machine, ensure the temperature in shrinkage tunnel evenly.
● Super wind-volume cooling system, ensure get into shape quickly.
● Anti-high temperature teflon convey belt, convey steadily, high-strength anti-abrasion.
Frequency unlimited speed adjustment and belt convey structure.
● Convey belt height can be made according to client’s requirement, adjustment range:±50mm
● wing type stainless iron heating system, endurance used.
The product-bearing stack device can meet with product instant stop requirement to ensure production line work continuous.