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Semi automatic PET bottle blowing molding machine
Semi automatic PET bottle blowing molding machine
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Semi automatic PET bottle blowing molding machine Semi automatic PET bottle blowing molding machine

Semi-automatic blow moulding machine

  • Model: GMS-800
  • Brand: GM
  • Product Description
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Main machine  (blowert + oven)
Model type Tech data
Product Spec Max. product volume(L/cav) 1.5
Max. preform neck size(mm) 100
Max. product diameter(mm) 180
Max. product height (mm) 300
Cavities 2
Blow molding part Die force (KN) 100
Die stroke (mm) 270
Max. mould sizemm 390*345
Mould thickness Adjustable
Mould spacingmm  
Max. pulling strokemm 400
Operation pressure(Mpa) 0.8-1.0
Operation air pressure consumption
Blow pressure(Mpa) 1.2-2.8
Blow air pressure consumption (1tr/min) 300
Outputpcs/h 1000-1800
Machine sizeLxWxH(m) 1.46*0.58*1.8
Machine weight(KG) 650
Oven Temperature graderate 8
Heating timeS 90-200
VoltageV 220 or as your request
FrequencyHZ 50/60
Total powerKW 16
Oven Size LxWxH 1.35*0.55*1.15
Oven weight (KG) 300

Semi-automatic blow moulding machine

  • Use integated mic computer controler,with OMRON control chip,the response speed is very quickly and the timing very precisely.Use life durable and failture rate very low.It’s the revolutionary product of industrial control.

  • High responsiveness pneumatic components,action timely and precisely

  • Thorough safe operation mechanism,start-up with two hands,avoid the accident during the operation

  • Infrarted heating technology,safe and energy conservation,no pollution of the environment.With the 8 rates adjustable temperature controler,make the temperature suitable for blowing.

Compound die Part
Technology advantage:

  • Special design,high rigid compound die structure

  • Wide adaptability, suitable for every type mould thickness

  • Adjust convenience

  • No mould rolling out

  • More energy conservation,no need much air supply

  • High burnish principal axis, with very precise polishing, light action and low noise.

  • Short mould stroke,quick action

  • All ZG45 casting, with long timing process,very small transformation,can meet your precise request 100%

  • Hig dead-weigh, ensure the steady during the opeartion


Auxiliary machine for  semi-automatic blow molding machine