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Wet Glue Stick Labeling Machine
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Wet Glue Stick Labeling Machine Wet Glue Stick Labeling Machine

the machine use for stick glue label on the glass bottles jars or cans .

  • Model: TY-8021
  • Brand: GM
  • Code: 8422
  • Product Description

Working principle

Designed for round bottles, it is suitable for labeling of various round bottles. When the equipment is in operation, the stick is used to stick the resin glue, and then the label box transfers the label to the stick, rotates and sucks it to the vacuum belt through the vacuum, and then sticks the label to the bottle.

Main parameters


Auto round bottle glue labeling machine 

Main configuration 



Transducer :taiwan,china brand




Bottle diametermm


Main motor :taiwan,china brand

Label size (L*H)(mm)


Transport motor :taiwan china brand

Vertical errormm


Infrared sensor :Omron 

Sticking rate


Pneumatic :airtac 


380V,3ph 50HZ

Machine shell:ss



Conveyor chain :plastic 

Air consumption 


Label box, stick bar, gear box:Aluminum die casting


Water-soluble resin glue

Paste trough Aluminum bronze die casting

Machine weight kg


Touch screen :china brand


Features of the machine


The paste trough is matched with stainless steel rollers for precise processing, and the glue can be taken as needed, with no leakage of glue;

Special rubber rollers are processed by several processes, and are not deformed and wear-resistant. Even and thin glue application, saving glue usage;

Using vacuum suction label and belt, the label can be pasted flat on the bottle;

Photoelectric detection of bottles, so that no bottles will be released;

Using the frequency converter, the motor running speed can be adjusted freely, and the labeling capacity can be freely controlled.

Can work alone or connect production lines;

With manual adjustment device, easy to adjust operation;

By replacing a small number of parts such as sticks and vacuum belts, you can quickly adjust bottles that meet various specifications. It can exclude human adjustment factors to the greatest extent;

The machine processing technology is precise and delicate, and the basic components are standard accessories, which is convenient for maintenance and repair;

The whole machine is basically imported configuration, to ensure quality, make it better stability, longer use time, and low maintenance rate.

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