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Aluminum Cans Water Filling Production Line
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Aluminum Cans Water Filling Production Line

for filling aluminum cans water ,
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  • CFS-2000

  • GM

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Aluminum Cans water filling line

The line of cans water filling composed by the cans rinsing machine, cans rotary device ,cans negative water  filling machine ,cans sealing machine and connected the machines by the conveyor system ,

Cans rinsing machine

Cans rinsing machine is composed by the conveyor ,cans rinsing tunnel ,rinsing pump,and caps rotary device , workers put the cans bottom up ,the conveyor will transport the cans into the can rinsing tunnel.the tunnel will rinsing the cans online ,after rinsing ,the cans move to the cans rotary device, the rotary device will turn the cans top stand up and ready for filling .
Main parameters:

Can rinsing conveyor 1800mm
Rinsing pump 380v,3ph,50hz,0.37kw
Rinsing tunnel 700x400x1200mm
Conveyor motor Adjustable speed 380v,3ph,50hz,0.37kw
Cans rotary device 270x180x180mm
Cap rinsing tunnel weight 50kg

Cans water negative filling machine

Cans water filling machine adopts negative filling type ,the machine work automatically .it composed by the frame ,filling tank ,filling valve ,vacuum pump,water pump ,easy operation .
Main parameters

Filling valve 12 negative filling
Motor 380v,3ph,50hz,0.75kw
Vacuum pump 380v,3ph,50hz,0.75kw
Theory Speed 2000cans/h (330ml)
Dimension 1100x1100x2100mm
Weight 438kg

Cans sealing machine

Cans sealing machine is the single machine ,adopts 1 capping head.the machine composed capping head ,caps storage ,machine frame ,cap release device ,the machine operation is easy .
Main parameters

Sealing heads 1
Sealing speed Max 2000bph
Power 380v,3ph,50hz,0.75kw
Dimension 900x700x1800mm
Weight 274kg

Conveyor system for the whole line

The conveyor system use for connected all the machine be in one line. The conveyor composed by the small tables . conveyor adjustable speed motor ,engineer plastic chain .
Main parameters

Conveyor motor power 380v,3ph,50hz,0.37kw,adjustable speed
Table size 580x540x850mm
Table qty 2
Conveyor length 4m

video of cans filling line


photos for reference




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