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With good reputation for the products and sales service .

  • 5Gallon Barreled filling production line
    • Automatic 600bph 5gallon water production line
    • 450bph A automatic outside 5gallon cleaning machine
    • Autoamtic 5gallon 300bph Water Filling Production Line
    • Automatic 5gallon Bottle External Cleaning Machine with Brushes
    • 300bph outside 5gallon washing machine
    • automatic 5gallon de-capping machine/cap remove machine
  • Plastic Bottle filling machine
    • 5000bph carbonated drink fililng monobloc machine
    • 3000bph sparkling water filling labeling wrapping line
    • Automatic 8000bphh water filling bottling machine
    • automatic 1500-2000bph gas drink filling machine
    • automatic juice bottle fillling labeling packing machine
    • automatic gas water blowing filling capping production line
  • 5L-19L one time use bottle water filling line
    • 400bph automatic 5l bottle water filling bottlilng Line
    • 600bph automatic 19l one time use bottle water filling machine
    • 500bph automatic 5l bottle water filling machine
    • automatic 5-15L Linear Water Filling Machine
    • 500BPH 10L automatic bottle water filling machine
    • rotary type 5l bottlle filling machine
  • Glass bottle filling machine
    • 6000BPH automatic glass bottle wine filling machine
    • automatic glass bottle liquid filling machine
  • Cans filling machine
    • Carbonated Cans Filler Sealer
    • Aluminum Cans Water Filling Production Line
  • Paste piston filling machine
    • Automatic Piston Liquid Filling Machine
  • Bottle washing machine
    • Automatic Bottle Washing/rinsing Machine
  • Bottle capping/sealing machine
    • automatic aluminum cans sealing machine
    • 10000BPH Plastic caps capping sealing machine
    • Automatic Screw Capping Machine for plastic caps
  • Labeling system
    • label shrinking tunnel by steam
    • automatic high speed double sides non-dry sticker label machine
    • automatic double sides non-dry sticker labeling equipment
    • Linear Type Bopp Hot Melting Label Sticking Machine
    • automatic round bottle non-dry sticker labeling machine
    • SL-250 Single Head Sleeve Labeling Machine
  • Packing system
    • automatic fold carton/case cover sealing machine
    • automatic case /carton packing line for bottles
    • Automatic film wrapping machine 12packs/min
    • 15-20packs/hour automatic pet bottle palletizer machine lower postion type
    • Series Heat Shrinkable Film Packaging Machine
    • automatic Manipulator palletizing machine for carton
  • Bottle unscrambling machine
    • Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine
    • Plastic Bottle Unscrambler /bottlle Sorting Machine
  • Drinking Water treatment system
    • mineral water treatment ultrafiltration
    • economical 2000l /h drinking pure ro water machine
    • 4000l/h pure ro drinking water treatment
    • Drinking Water Treatment Plant
    • 1000L/H one stage ro pure water plant
    • 2500l/h double stages ro water treatment equipment
  • Juice/carbonated drink pre-treatment system
    • Juice/carbonated Drink Pre-treatment System
    • automatic one barrel carboanted drink mixer machine 2500l/h
    • automatic beverage gas mixing machine 3000l/h
  • Bottle Blowing moulding system
    • Automatic 2000bph pet bottle blowing moulding machine
    • automatic PET Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine
    • Semi-automatic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine 800bph
    • automatic PET Bottle blowing machine 9000bph for 500ml
    • automatic PET 5L Bottle Blowing machine 1cavity
  • Bottle preforms /caps injection molding machine
    • Bottle Preform/caps Injection Molding Machine
  • date coding machine
    • 30w laser coding machine for bottle production line

5Gallon Barreled filling production line

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    Latest Information
    Running 12000bph sleeve labeling machine

    Today we running the 12000bph sleeve labeling machine .the machine will be shipped to comobia .

    Test semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machine

    today we test the semi-automatic blowing machine for water bottles .the material perform is PET.the machine will be shipped to COLOMBIA.

    Automatic gas water filling 3in1 machine testing

    we are testing the carbonated water filling 3in1 machine for our friend.DCGF18-18-6 tested by water ,using air compressor gas as the co2 for pressure ,speed 4000bph for 500ml.2000bph for 1500ml.the testing video link

    ZHANGJIAGNG Glory machinery Co., Ltd. locates in Zhangjiagang,our concept four good ,good person ,good machine,good service ,good price.


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