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automatic case /carton packing line for bottles
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automatic case /carton packing line for bottles

the packing line for carton openner ,carton packing ,and carton sealing ,the line work automaticallu .
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Description of automatic case/carton packing line
Automatic case erector
Complete carton erecting ,vertical forming,bottom flaps folding and bottom tape sealing automatically according to the procedure . It can be easily adjusted to fit for cartons of different sizes .
Products features
adopts vertical type cardboard store way and adding anytime ,don't need stop the machine running .
The machine fit for the same size carton box at same time ,if need to change different size of carton box ,it needs manual adjustment in 2mins .
The machine adopts reasonable design ,supplying carton ,forming and sealing with automatic operation .
Machine part functions precision and durable ,there is no shaking when running , stable running with long life
The machine adopts PLC and HIM control with high speed ,effective and high property.
The main parameters for unpacking and sealing machine

Carton size mm L(200-600)W(250-400)H(200-450)
Capacity 6-8cartons/min
Power and consumption 220V 50HZ,single phase, 150W
Air consumption 5-6KG/CM2
Adhesive tape 60 or 72 mm
Dimension 2400*2000*1200(L*W*H)
Weight 450kg


Automatic carton packing machine
Series of vertical automatic encasing machine can put the lined up inner packing container into carton automatically in plumb direction ,which is suitable for products packed in either round or unround container dispersed package or grouped package .
For suitable products mentioned above our company will design a suited line up conveyor according to specifications and lining requirements of the package to match with encasing machine .
the machine is used for carton packing in beverage production line , it works automatically.and easy operation .the main parts adots famous brand .when the drink after filling and capping , then the conveyor transported to the carton packing area , fist the unpacking machine to open the box ,the automatic packing machine to put the bottles in to the carton . the end sealing by the carton sealing machine , total line finished by automatically .
the main paramteres of the carton boxing machine
Model:  xwdzx-2
Output: 6-9 boxes/min
Shape size: 7000*1700*2160
Power: 7.5KW
Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
Air consumption: 0.4m³/min
Basic configurations
PLC: Siemens
Touch screen: Siemens
Inverter: Mitsubishi
Pneumatic components: Air TAC

Automatic folding cover sealing machine
The machine is mainly useful for the sealing and packing of cartons which can be single-unite operation or also equipped onto the production line .it is widely used in the field of electrical domestic appliances , foodstuffs, general merchandise ,medicine and chemical industry .
The top and back flap of the carton can be folder automatically ,with high speed and smooth
Machine features
carton to cover by slip form plate blending ,the other three blades covered by pneumatic ,stable and smooth to finished the sealing , the machine shape is beautiful and the machine can match with the packing machines .
 The length of adhesive tape bevel of carton two sides is 50-70mm
 Left and right drive by belt ,main drive system adopts special Perlin seat with high precise low noise adding the using life of the belt .
The machine adopts trapezoidal screw synchronous to adjust the size  with the reliable design .
Main parameters of the folding cover sealing machine

Sealing capacity 18meters/min
Suitable carton L(200-600)W(250-400)H(200-450)
Power and consumption 220V 50HZ,90w*2
Air consumption 5-6KG/CM2
Dimension 1600*950*1400(L*W*H)(not with the roller )
Weight 200kg
Adhesive tape 48 or62 mm


drawing of the case packing line




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