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1000L/H one stage ro pure water plant
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1000L/H one stage ro pure water plant

for treat the drinking water ,1000l per hour capacity 
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  • GMRO-1T

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1000L/H one stage ro pure water plant/pure drinking water treatment plant 

Description of Drinking water treatment plant / Ro system machine
Commonly used water treatment equipment includes: mechanical filter , active carbonfilter ,softer  ,pressure adding pump ,precise filter ,hollowed super fiber filter ,RO,sterilizer ,electrical controlling box ,these can be combined to order according tothe local water conditions .

Pure water Reverse osmosis equipment of RO device :

Reverse osmosis use enough pressure to separate water trough film of reverse osmosisor (semi-permeable membrane ),so it is called to reverse osmosis , RO, as high efficienttechnology of desalting ,can remove impurity such as inorganic ion , bacteria ,virus , organic substance and colloid etc in original water so that obtain highquality pure water. RO method  that is bigger than pressure of penetration can beused to separate , extract, purify and concentrate according to different penetrationpressure of different material .it is mainly used in pure water production .

No Name Model Qty Remark
1 Raw water pump CH2-5 1Unit LX

Sand  filter Ss Ф350×1650 1pc By our factory

Water distributor 1" 1set Made in china
2 Quartz sand 200kg 4bags Made in china

Auto valve F67P 1unit Made in china

Pressure 0.6MPa 1pc Made in china

Pipe a d Valves Ss 1set Made in china

Active carbon filter Ss Ф350×1650 1pc By our factory

Water distributor 1" 1set Made in china
3 Auto valve F67P 1unit Made in china

coconut shell 50kg 2bags Made in china

pressure 0.6MPa 1pc Made in china

Pipe and valves ss 1set Made in china
4 Safe filter   3 *20" 1pc Made in china

PP element PP5um×20" 3pc Made in china

Ro frame Ss 1pc By our factory

High pressure pump
1pc LX

RO membrane 4040 4pc CHINA BRAND

Ss membrane shell 4040 4pc Made in china

Electrical control   Auto control 1set By our factory

Flow meter 10GPM 2pc Made in china
5 Pressure meters 25kg/cm3 2pc Made in china

Pressure meters 6kg/cm3 1pc Made in china

Low pressure switch P06 1pc Made in china

Conductive meter CM-230 1pc Made in china

Solenoid valve PU225-06A 2pcs Made in china

Float ball switch
2pcs Made in china

Pipe and valve Ss 1set Made in china
6 Uv
1unit Made in china

1t water treatment



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