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Linear Type Bopp Hot Melting Label Sticking Machine
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Linear Type Bopp Hot Melting Label Sticking Machine

this machine use for stick hot melting labels on the bottles ,working automatically 
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  • OPP-6000

  • GM

  • 8422301090

Description :automatic opp bottle labeling sticking machine of linear type .

  1. PLC control system, full-automatic working

  2. Main engine is controlled by three-phase converter motor, speed adjustable

  3. Disc label-pasting and label-adsorbing 

  4. Include such mechanisms as label-providing, belt-conveying, label-cutting, wheels-attaching, vacuum-adsorbing, hot sol-conveyance 

  5. Hot sol providing machine is made in a hundred million Hertz. 

  6. VAC and PUMP don't start working unless the hot sol machine gets to designed temperature. 

  7. STOP(ALARM) installation for label running-out 

  8. STOP installation for pasting failure 

  9. Applied to different specifications of packing for food, chemical, medicine, cosmetic and daily necessities 

  10. Bottle material: Plastics, glass, steel, etc 

  11. Made of stainless steel SUS#304 and imported T6 aluminum alloy after being anode hardened 

  12. Adjustable label-pasting speed of main engine 

  13. Imported optical-fiber electronic eye 

  14. Horizontally adjustable main engine 

  15. On-line production, simple and rapid installation 

  16. Alarm for missing label or gap 

  17. Vertically adjustable main engine (adjustment for label position) 

  18. Side wheels-attaching mechanical sets 

  19. Alarm for label running-out 

  20. Indicator light and alarm for abnormality 

Technical Parameter for stick labeling machine/opp labeling machine/bopp hot melting labeling machine 

Main engine size (length*width*height)  4000L x 1500W x 1800H mm 
Main engine production speed  limitation: 6000 bottle per h
Main engine power supply  AC 3 phase220-380V 
Main engine power  8kw 
Label material  OPP fed roll Paper 
Label length  10mm -300mm 
Bottle/can diameter  50- 106 mm 
Junction line error +/-1.5mm



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