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Juice/carbonated Drink Pre-treatment System
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Juice/carbonated Drink Pre-treatment System

It equips with heating device ,it has advantage of simple structure and convenient operation ,there are two kinds of types:electrical heating and steam heating.
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Sugar melting pot

It equips with heating device ,it has advantage of simple structure and convenient operation ,there are two kinds of types:electrical heating and steam heating.

Main models:300L/500L/1000L/2000L/3000L

Syrup filter

The filter mainly used for syrup filter in removing impurity .filtered syrup clear transparent .

Blending tank

this tank is suitable for mixing and preparing food,beverage and other substance including is one of necessary equipment for beverage production line

Beverage storage tank

It adopts all-closed construction and is made of high quality stainless can be equipped with automatic cleaning device ,it is the equipment for sorting juice /pure water/carbonated drink and other liquid

Double filter

The equipment is used in filtering liquid .

High pressure homogenization machine

The machine is equipped with extensive uses which can homogenize and fine material liquid to from  high-pressured spray,it is widely use in the production of milk,cold drink,beverage ,edible chemicals and areas such as pharmacy ,biologic technology and etc.when the material liquid homogenize under high pressure ,the liquid delamination can be  prevented or reduced while the fineness ,cleanliness,looseness and inner quality can be improved

Vacuum de-air machine

This is one of the necessary equipment in fruit juice or tea production line . it is mainly used for de-air the homogenized juice under vacuum condition and prevent the juice being oxidized and then prolong the storing period of the juice .

Co2 filter

The purifier is mainly used in drink production industry.also suitable for using in stuff and wine-making industries.the device is in reasonable design,simple construction ,safety and reliable ,easy operation .

Water chillier device

This part is an auxiliary equipment for producing carbonated drinks.through the mechanism of cold water cooling system will let the water cooled.again by cryogenic cooling water pump into the cooling equipment .cold water machine chilled water will heat temperature after it was taken bank into the water again.achieve the effect of cooling .this is a necessary equipment used for making carbonated and sparking wine/water .

CIP system

The cip equipment is used to clean on site of material pipe and devices of the industries like milk,juice,beverage and etc.a centrifugal pump is used in cip to convey cleaning liquid into material pipe and equipment to force the cleaning liquid to circulate to make cleaning .



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