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High Speed One Piece Type Film Wrapping Shrinking Machine
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High Speed One Piece Type Film Wrapping Shrinking Machine

High Speed One Piece Type Film Wrapping Shrinking Machine
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  • GBW-26

  • GM

  • 8422301090

Description for automatic high speed one piece type film wrapping machine

GBW-26 One-piece automatic heat-shrinkable film packaging machine is a new packaging equipment with high efficiency and continuous operation, which is designed and manufactured based on the characteristics of heat-shrinkable film packaging. It can automatically arrange a single product (such as PET bottle), assemble it into a group, servo push bottle, servo wrap film, and finally form a collection packaging after heating, shrinking, cooling and shaping. After packaging, the product is firmly bound, regular appearance, beautiful, saving packaging costs.


drawing of the machine


Technical parameters

1) Packaging combination: 3*4 4*6 (the combination method shall be determined according to the requirements)

2) Packing speed: ≥25 packs/min

3) Applicable container shape: square or round container

4) Total power load: 19kw/380v, three-phase and five-wire

5) Total power: 56KW

6) Working pressure: 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa

7) Gas consumption: 0.3 cubic meters/minute

8) Contraction chamber: L×W×H=2500×700×450(mm)

9) Machine dimensions: length × width × height: L×W×H=15290×1600×2500(mm) (including conveyor belt)

10) Shrinkage temperature: 200℃ ~ 280℃

11) Packing material: PE

Film roll width: ≤600mma

Film thickness: 0.06 ~ 0.12mm

Membrane roll diameter: ≤450mm

12) Working noise: ≤65dB

13) Total weight: 4500kg

14) Maximum width of conveyor belt: 610mm;

15) Conveyor belt height: standard machine 1050mm;

wrapping machine



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