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automatic half tray carton case packing shrinking machine
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automatic half tray carton case packing shrinking machine

automatic half tray carton case packing shrinking machine
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  • HTW-10

  • GM

  • 8422301090

HTW-10 Full automatic half tray carton packaging and film shrinking machine

Widely used in the packaging industry, efficient environmental protection of the new generation of carton packaging machinery.

Compared with similar traditional packaging methods, this machine and the packaging forms it can provide have distinct characteristics:

l Devices take up less space

l Semi-supports are more efficient

l Bonding works better on the l side

l Use a constant temperature sealing cut to make the seal firmer

l Contractions are more aesthetically pleasing

The machine includes bottle feeding, automatic channel separation, automatic paper feeding, automatic bottle dropping, automatic packaging, automatic film wrapping, automatic sealing and cutting, automatic shrinkage and other mechanisms.

Main parameters

Packaging product: bottle

Packaging material: corrugated paper, PE shrink film

1) Package combination: 4*6

2) Packing speed: 8-15 packs/min

3) Applicable container shape: square or round container

4) Total power load: 30kw/380v, three-phase and five-wire

5) Machine dimensions: length × width × height:

8200mm×7000mm×2100mm (including unpowered conveyor frame)

6) The pressure of compressed air used in the machine: 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa

7) Gas consumption: 0.6 cubic meters/minute

Drawing of the machine






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