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automatic 150BPH 18.9L bottle drinking mineral water filling equipment
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automatic 150BPH 18.9L bottle drinking mineral water filling equipment

150bottles per hour fillling machine for drinking water in 18.9liter bottles /automatic working 
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  • QGF-150

  • GM

  • 8422

description for automatic 5gallon barrel water filling machine

QGF-150 barreled line is specially used for the production of 5-gallon barreled drinking water. The machine integrates washing, filling and capping functions. It is the ideal equipment for mineral water, pure water and distilled water production. The whole use of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant, easy to clean. The machine is compact in structure, occupies the plant small, the work efficiency is high and stable reliable, the automation degree is high, the operator only needs two people, is the mechanical and electrical gas trinity automatic barreling equipment.

Main technical parameters for barreled water filling equipment

(1) Number of filling heads: 1

(2) Filling capacity: 5 gallons

(3) Bucket size specification: φ 267*490

(4) Production capacity: 150 barrels/hour

(5) Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, the maximum power consumption is 1.9KW, due to the intermittent start of each power unit, the normal operation is only 1KW.

(6) Water consumption: drinking water 3.6T/H, (filling 3T; Flush the 0.5 T/H; Tap water 0.1t /H)

(7) Air source: pressure 0.45-0.6mpa, gas consumption 80 l/min

(8) Appearance size: 2800*700*1650 (the actual finished product shall prevail)




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