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automatic 5gallon mineral drinking water filling plant 600bph
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automatic 5gallon mineral drinking water filling plant 600bph

the proudction line use for production 18.9liters ,5gallon drinking water ,from auto de-capper to the filled water 
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  • QGF-600

  • GM

  • 8422301090

600 b/h filling line


Model 600 barrel production line is a series of equipment specially used for the production of 5 gallon barrel drinking water. The production line can automatically complete the process of online cap PULLING, external brush cleaning, bucket loading, multi-channel cleaning and disinfection, filling, capping, lamp inspection, heat shrinkage and so on. With complete functions, compact structure, simple operation and other characteristics, is a set of machine, electricity, gas in one of the new drinking bucket equipment.

The machine body is made of high quality stainless steel materials, other parts are also made of non-toxic, durable series of materials, electrical, pneumatic system with brand components, the equipment has low failure rate, high reliability, good durability.

The process flow

Empty bucket - automatic uncapping - automatic external brushing - flush filling seal - top cover washing - light inspection - shrink - out of the bucket.

600bph drawing

Main technical parameters of equipment

Automatic cover pulling machine:


BG-Series cap pulling machine is a supporting production equipment for the production line of 5-gallon barreled drinking water. It is the first step of the automatic filling production line and is suitable for the automatic cap pulling before the cleaning of the recycling bucket. It can significantly improve the labor efficiency, reduce the secondary pollution of manual cap pulling and reduce the labor intensity of the operator. The equipment can be used alone, also can be connected to achieve pipeline work. The cap is made of special material and technology, with good strength and long service life. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The machine has compact structure, high working efficiency, stable and reliable, high degree of automation, which is the supporting equipment of the middle and high speed automatic barrel production line.

Working principle:

The lid of the recovered bucket can be pulled out from the mouth of the bucket and blown into the outer collecting basket by the action of the cylinder. The cap pulling machine is designed as a head, which can complete the actions of blocking the bucket, grabbing the cover, pulling the cover, blowing the cover and so on under the action of photoelectric. In order to ensure the action time, the cylinder adopts magnetic cylinder, the action position signal is reflected to the PLC, to ensure that the cap removal rate is more than 99%.

Technical Features:

In order to prevent scratching the barrel mouth, the use of special photoelectric detection without cover without pulling;

The machine is made of high quality stainless steel.

Main parameters:

Model BG - 1

Pull out 1 cap

Pressure of 0.6 Mpa

Gas consumption 0.8 cubic meters/minute

It produces 600 barrels per hour

The overall size is 500*800*1800mm

Weighs about 80 kg

Automatic external brushing machine (turning type)


Introduction to the brushing machine

ST SERIES on - line automatic external bucket brushing machine is a new type of equipment for 5 gallon barrel drinking water production line. The machine uses a rotating brush to scrub the neck, body and bottom of the barrel in all directions. At the same time, the cleaning pump equipped with the machine is also used to wash the barrel, so that the cleaning effect is significantly improved, the secondary pollution of manual scrubbing is avoided, and the labor intensity of the operator is reduced. The whole is made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant, easy to clean.

The machine has compact structure, high working efficiency, stable and reliable, high degree of automation, which is the preferred supporting equipment to improve product quality in the middle and high speed automatic barrel production line.

Working principle:

Brush barrel machine is provided with a main brush (barrel body) barrel mouth, the bottom brush three, a water tank, a spray room, the barrel into the brush barrel machine, under the action of the dial wheel, around the main brush revolution 270 degrees, and ensure three rotation, brush the barrel into the spray room, brush the barrel is transferred to the automatic bucket.


In and out of the bucket to prevent crowding

With water tank and float and heating device

The bottom brush is rounded to ensure a clean bottom brush.

Barrel mouth and barrel body close to the main brush, rotation and revolution, to ensure the scrub effect.

Technical parameters:

Production of 600-900 b/h

Power 4kw(heating 3kw)

Dimensions 1800x1100x1600mm

Weighs about 350 kg


washing filling sealing machine

The characteristics of

Filling production line adopts multi - station flushing process. It includes hot lye washing, disinfectant washing, reflux water washing, finished product water washing, drip drying and other stations. A pressure gauge is installed in the flushing line.

The lye tank has insulation and temperature control.

The sanitizer washing station also uses the multistage centrifugal pump (vertical) direct spray type, large flow and high head washing;

The internal flushing nozzle adopts a special nozzle with large flow rate and small Angle, and the cylinder is lifted to ensure the all-round flushing of the inner wall of the barrel.

High utilization rate of circulating water, returning water into the washing machine, reduce water consumption;

All discharges are connected to the unified recovery pipeline for centralized and directional discharge to ensure that the ground of the purification room is dry and clean.

Each tank is equipped with floating balls.

The filling is made from the mouth without contact.

Gland chain inclined, tight sealing.

Main technical parameters

Filling head: 4

Production rate :600 b/h

Voltage: 380 v, 3 ph, 50 hz

Power :25kw (heating :18kw)

Overall dimensions :6400x2600x2200mm

Weight: about 1800kg

Automatic capping machine

The automatic lid lifting machine is a scraper leather belt lifting structure, compact structure, the body is made of high quality stainless steel. When the inner cover of the rotary cap manager is insufficient, the detection switch will send a signal, and the cover lifting machine will start to run and feed the cover, and the machine will stop automatically after the set time.

Equipped with photoelectric detection, missing cover alarm


Light inspection

The LAMP inspection box adopts stainless steel protective cover, the light illumination is comfortable and suitable, which not only meets the national health standards, but also can clearly check the impurities, defects and particles inside and outside the barrel.

Heat shrinkable machine

The temperature of the heat shrink machine is continuously adjustable, suitable for a variety of heat shrink film, also can adapt to different speed, using high heat material, good insulation performance, low energy consumption.

Conveying system

Conveyor chain design, fine production, beautiful appearance, reasonable connection between chain and chain, smooth bucket.

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